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PoE For Tablets

2023-12-06 16:58:05
PoE For Tablets
With the widespread use of smart electronic devices, our demands for their power supply and network connectivity are increasing. Most chargers can only transmit power within a 3-meter range, and longer-distance power requirements can raise the cost of cable infrastructure. On the other hand, while Wi-Fi allows devices to connect to the network at any time, in specific scenarios, unstable network transmission can lead to significant losses. Is there a solution that can address both of these issues and enable stable, long-distance power supply and network connectivity for devices like smartphones and tablets?

Indeed, you may have already considered Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. It can deliver power and data transmission to PoE-supported devices through a single Ethernet cable. Considering that most smartphones and tablets now use the standard USB-C interface, we can significantly reduce the cost of adopting USB-C by using PoE for power and data transmission, as there's no need for new power infrastructure. So, is there a product that can achieve this goal?

We have developed and manufactured such a converter. It can connect Power Over Ethernet and USB Type C, facilitating both power and data communication seamlessly. Using this converter, you can directly connect your tablet to an existing 802.3af/at PoE switch infrastructure, without the need for configuration or programming. It's very convenient and plug-and-play.

For iPad models that only support the Lightning interface, we have also developed corresponding converters.

By using PoE converters, you can install your tablet in any location, whether in a home or a commercial environment, such as for digital signage, point of sale systems, and conference room scheduling applications. Furthermore, PoE converters are of great assistance in projects like those in schools or hospitals!