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Our company offers various collaboration channels to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our partners. Whether you are seeking exclusive agency rights, distributorship, or a direct collaboration model, we have tailored solutions to ensure your maximum success in our partnership.

a) Exclusive Agency: If you wish to have exclusive agency rights in a specific region, we warmly welcome a deep collaboration to explore and expand the market together. As an exclusive agent, you will enjoy unique competitive advantages and build a closer partnership with us to achieve business growth. 

We have exclusive partners in the United States, so if you have procurement needs in that region, please feel free to visit the PoE Texas website directly.

b) Distributorship: If you have substantial experience in sales and distribution or if your products complement ours, becoming our distributor is a great choice. We will provide full support and training to help you introduce our products to a wider market. 

We have distributor agents in regions such as Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and South Africa. Please feel free to contact them locally for procurement.

c) Direct Collaboration: For those who prefer to collaborate directly with us, we offer flexible collaboration options. 

You can reach out to us directly for inquiries and orders. If you require small quantities or test samples, you can also purchase them directly from our online store.

No matter which collaboration method you choose, we sincerely look forward to having you as our partner. We are committed to establishing a mutually beneficial long-term partnership and achieving business goals together. 

If you are interested in any collaboration method or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We eagerly anticipate discussing further collaboration details with you.