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PoE For 24V Passive Devices

2023-12-06 16:59:36
PoE For 24V Passive Devices
Most devices available in the market now typically support the standard 802.3af/at PoE for power, including many popular network devices and cameras. Such devices can usually be directly connected to PoE switches that adhere to these standards, allowing for convenient power supply and data transmission.

However, some devices, such as specific devices from brands like Mikrotik and UBNT, use the 24V passive PoE power standard, which is not compatible with the common 802.3af/at standards.

For these special devices, we offer a variety of products that can meet the power requirements of 24V passive PoE. These products enable you to provide the necessary power and data transmission for these devices reliably, without the need for complex power socket installations or equipment replacements. This flexibility means you can use a wider range of devices from different brands and types without worrying about power compatibility issues. Regardless of the devices you use, we provide solutions to ensure that your network and equipment remain efficient and reliable at all times.